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HERA Group is a committed advocate for the promotion of environmental, economic and social sustainability worldwide.

For the HERA Group, environmental sustainability means strengthening the following pillars:

Prevention: Reduce energy consumption and dematerialize processes and products.
Renewability: Reuse waste and emissions and use renewable natural resources.
Environmental Adaptation: Obtain clean energy sources and uses, with minimum and harmless waste and emissions.
Restoration: Decontaminate and improve our natural, urban and industrial environment, including compensation, mitigation of harmful effects and recovery of natural spaces.



Efficiently close the resource cycle by developing technologies and management systems which work for continued reuse.

Our goal cannot be to merely avoid environmental impact.


Commitment to people

  • Respect for human integrity and dignity
  • Trust in the ability of people to create value
  • Humbleness and kindness
  • Independence and ethics in decision-making
  • Flexibility, adaptability and dependability
  • Active link between the company and its professionals
  • Responsible dialogue and action between the company and its stakeholders

Commitment to environmental excellence

  • Minimize the "ecological backpack" and the "environmental footprint"
  • Sustainable management of basic resources: materials, water, energy and space
  • Ongoing eco-innovation